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Thanksgiving Days 1965

In November 1963 the USS Cusk SS 348 was transiting from Yokosuka, Japan to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii after a Western Pacific deployment. As it happened we were going to cross the international date line on Thanksgiving Day, which would give us two Thanksgivings. After an informal vote on which day we would celebrate Thanksgiving, it was decided to celebrate on the first November 25th and the dinner was planned for that day.
Come Thanksgiving Day, the first one, the weather did not cooperate. It was rough, with waves tossing us about. The cooks set about cooking the Turkeys, baking bread and getting all the fixings ready for our noon Thanksgiving dinner. The relieving watch section was lined up waiting to eat. Due to the small size of the mess hall, we ate in shifts, usually 3 servings. The cooks and mess cooks set the tables, put the food out for the first serving out on the tables and before anyone could sit down, a huge roller must have to hit our port side because we took a heavy roll to starboard and the entire first serving slid off the tables and went on the deck. The cooks and mess cooks scrambled to clean up and set up the tables again and we were able to eat out Thanksgiving meal at last.
Naturally, on the next day, our second Thanksgiving, the Pacific was calm.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Sea Robin shipmates and families.

Frenchy and Marty