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Bill Edwards Sc3/c 1945 ON Eternal Patrol

EDWARDS, William Elmo, 90, sailed on his Eternal Patrol this morning, December 29, 2016. Bill was born April 8, 1926. He enlisted in the US Naval Reserve V-6 program and reported to active duty November 29, 1943. He qualified in submarines in USS Sea Robin (SS-207) in 1945 and was aboard for War Patrols 2 & 3 (both successful). Bill also served in CSD-321 and CSD-201 Relief Crews, and USS Gato (SS-212). He was SC3(SS) when released from active duty in February 1946. Bill and his daughter Terri attended the Tarheel Base’s 2016 Pearl Harbor Memorial Dinner in early December (this month). Bill is survived by his wife, Lois. Funeral plans are incomplete.

Re: Bill Edwards Sc3/c 1945 ON Eternal Patrol

American Hero
"Sailor Rest Your Oar"
Slow Hand Salute............You will not be forgotten.

Re: Bill Edwards Sc3/c 1945 ON Eternal Patrol

We get fewer and fewer as time goes by. I had talked to Bill just before Christmas. I had also talked to J.B Roberts early December. He was on the commishioning crew of the Sea Robin and did the first patrol. What checking I have done, Roberts and I are the only survivors left that crewed on the ROBIN during www2. Well time goes on

Re: Bill Edwards Sc3/c 1945 ON Eternal Patrol

Chuck, Time does go by! We were all young men when we were on the Robin. Sometimes it seems like yesterday. Fortunately the good memories stay with us.
It's always sad to loose a shipmate.