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Henry T. Wilkes EM2(SS) (??-1966) 10/5/2011
Dallas A. "Dal" Holmberg MMFN(SS) (1960-61) 2/14/2017
Alexander M. Sikora F1/c (1945-46) 3/27/2017
Carl O. Johnsen EN2(SS) (1946-49) 4/13/2017
Milledge B. "MORT"SN(SS) Cloud (1948-52) 6/29/2017
Raymond E. Marshall S1/c (1947-48) 7/8/2017
James L. "Jim" Hendershot QM3(SS) (1955-57) 8/10/2017
Thomas M. Russell III IC3(SS) (1950-52) 8/13/2017



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Frank Federlein

Hey Shipmate's

I just emailed Frank because I haven't seen much from him lately. It just wasn't quite right that "Mr, Always Smilin" had reported in. The following is what I recieved back to my email:

frank fiederlein

"Yes, you have not heard from me in a while because I had several mini strokes back in September. I have had memory loss and some confusion. I was in therapy for several months and I have made some improvements. I do not work on the computer as much as I used to and have had to give up my skiing, tennis, crossword puzzles, etc. I don't drive and am not sure if I will again so my wife takes me around. Miss not communicating as much as I did before.
Thanks for checking in with me, appreciate it."

Based on Franks report I am sure he would love to here from any and all of you guys when you get a chance,

Re: Frank Federlein

I forgot to add.........Some Prayers for a Speedy & Great Recovery would certainly be appreciated

frank fiederlein email is frank405407@gmail.com

Re: Frank Federlein

Thanks for checking on a SHIPMATE Terry. Frank & Joan are SPECIAL.

Just recently I made a note to myself that I had not heard from Frank in a while. I would occasionally get emails from him but none recently. With all that goes on our personal lives, we easily lose track of important people.

Sad as it is we are all getting on in years and the infirmaries of life are taking their tolls. I truly wish it were not so. Hopefully Frank & Joan can support one another and enjoy their "Golden Years" without too many additional problems.

I first met Frank & Joan when the showed up at our hospitality suite in ATLANTIC CITY in 2000. We instantly made a connection and was further surprised to hear that he had SHIPMATES on USS Sea Owl as well. I think he may have served there with one of our COB's, "Mac" Maquire ENC(SS) who was Zang's relief.

Later on I found out that Frank & Joan spent many years living not far from me and that he also worked for many years with IBM, as I did, but by that time they had relocated to NC.


Re: Frank Federlein

Get fixed soon Frank.........