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Re: Reunion

Reports of REUNION DEATHS are greatly exaggerated.

Right now I am concentrating on CLEVELAND in JULY 2018. One hotel is submitting a proposal and I'll contact 1 or 2 more before I decide.

Hotels in city-center were considered but parking is an issue, with everyone charging $20-$30 daily. They are nice, but pricey also.

The hotel I'm talking to know has a restaurant, a bar-lounge, elevator, and will allow us use of a conference room that we can use as a hospitality center. We can bring in our our own refreshments. Free parking and numerous restaurants & bars are a short walk.

I've been in communication with the director/ curator of the USS COD Museum and he is on-n board and chomping at the bit. Seems like they put reunion event together rather frequently.

I'm working at it and there are a lot of thing to consider. Noting here is ready for publication or announcement.

If anyone has anything to add, PLEASE speak up.


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