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Donald R. Gressman EN2(SS) 1948-51 1/6/2020
Ronald A. Karpius EN3(SS) 1960-62 3/35/2020
Mike Trombley EN2(SS) 1959-62 4/28/2020
Joseph B. Palmer ET3(SS) 1960-63 4/29/2020
George R. "Russ" Waterman LCDR 1968-70 6/11/2020
John D. "Jack" Cornell EN3(SS) 1955-59 7/15/2020
Herbert F. "Herb" Ziegler ENS 1945-45 9/10/2020
Raymond J. Cook S1/c 1944-45 - 8/28/2020
Eric T. "Skip" Clauson QM3(SS) 1963-65 10/13/2020
Gerald M. "Gerry" Negri STS2(SS) 1958-62 10/14/2020
Frank Pasquinelli LCDR - XO 1965-67 11/28/2020
Richard B. Perkins SOS3(SS) 1958-61 12/10/2020
Robert D. Stratton RANK-UNK 195?-5? 12/23/2020


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Blind Mans Bluff

I just finished reading the book "Blind Man's Bluff." I'd have to say that it's one of the best books that I've ever read. If a person has served om Submarines, especially during the "Cold War" they really need to read the book. There was so much going on around us during the time that most of us were on Sea Robin. It is truly a captivating book.....Just Sayin....


Re: Blind Mans Bluff

Ship Mates;

I have recently been spammed on the internet by some "Slime Ball." I think that the person has sent some very "Nasty" and Photo shopped E-mails and claiming ton be me.
If you get a suspicious e-mail from me with a suspicious looking link, please just delete it....It's Bogus...


Re: Blind Mans Bluff

Goody, I've got the book but I'm waiting until I get older and have time to read it. I only heard good things about the book..... so diffidently plan to read it.
Now that we don't see ya on Facebook stop by the bulletin board to keep us up to date on your shenanigans.

Re: Blind Mans Bluff


I was one of those that gut burned on FB when the hole in security was discovered. I do intend to continue to use this format.

Hope you and Carolyn had a great Thanksgiving. Have a very Merry Christmas as well.

If you do start reading BMB you'll get hooked right away and won't be able to put it down. The authors had to do a whole lot of research 'cause the contents is "Fact" based.


Re: Blind Mans Bluff

GOODY, agree on you review of BMB. I bought a copy years ago.

Of course you & others are probably aware, but it deserves mention that one of the "main characters", and who has a whole chapter dedicated to his exploits was WHITEY MACK.

Whitey served on Sea Robin in the mid-50's LTjg-LT.

HAND SALUTE to our SHIPMATES On Eternal Patrol.

Re: Blind Mans Bluff


I seem to remember that Whitey Mack had served on the Sea Robin. One thing that I was disappointed in, in the book was that Mr Mooney the OiC of Trieste II was never mentioned. He was OIC of Trieste II for some of the Thresher expeditions and I think he may have helped with the discover of the Scorpion as well.
He conducted my final Qual walk through on the Sea Robin; Signed me off without a hitch.......A great Officer.