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SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66

I received news from Tucker's daughter that her father passed away on 12/3/2018. He had been sick for a very long time.

I had been in contact with him via email over the years and even inquired as to whether I could plan a trip when I was down in the area of PA that he lives with his daughter. Unfortunately I was never able to make that trip, which saddens me even more.

Tucker and I were in the same duty section, with Big Jim Mills for some time. Underway we stood watches together many times and we always got along, him navigating, and me on the SS Radar alongside.

I vividly remember the day he told me he had received orders to Vietnam. Sometime previous to reporting to Sea Robin he had put in a request and after a lengthy time, no responses were heard. He had gone ahead and married his girlfriend and there might have been a child in the picture, but I'm not too sure about that. Order had been cut and there wa not way to change things, is what he told me.

I know he reported to VN and was a crew member of PCF 62 and served there for a couple of years (66-68). That was some rough duty there. Below is an excerpt that I ran across.

If I learn anything else then I will update here.

In the meantime I plan on being there to offer a final salute from his Sea Robin SHIPMATES when any services are conducted.

- PCF 60 and PCFs 62 thru 66 were delivered to Qui Nhon, from Subic Bay, PI, onboard the USS Colonial LSD 18 on 2 June 1966.
On 29 January 1968, PCF 62, on a routine MARKET TIME patrol along the coast of Binh Dinh province, eight miles south of Qui Nhon, sighted an unlighted sampan heading toward the beach. The Swift boat illuminated the sampan and one man was observed manning the tiller. As the Swift boat drew closer to the sampan five or six persons in green and khaki uniforms were observed lying in the bottom of the craft. The sampan failed to heed the signals from the Swift to stop, and as the patrol boat drew still closer, one of the sampan's occupants stood up and threw a grenade which exploded on the forecastle of the PCF, wounding the Officer in Charge. Two more grenades were thrown, one bouncing down into the Swift boat's cabin and then continuing to roll down into the lower crew sleeping quarters, where it exploded, causing very little damage except to the commode which literally vanished! The third grenade landed on the starboard side main deck, wounding another crewman. The Swift then opened up on the sampan with .50 caliber machine gun fire, destroyed the sampan and killed the occupants (probable). Although moderately damaged, PCF 62 proceeded to Qui Nhon under her own power after being relieved on station by another Swift boat.

- On 4 July 1968, PCF 62 encountered hostile fire in the afternoon upon entering the Dan Gai Lagoon, 48 miles south-southeast of Quang Ngai (BS9502). The "Swift" boat found itself under automatic weapons fire from two positions in the line on the western shore of the lagoon. Returning the enemy fire with her .50 caliber machine guns PCF 62 cleared the area at top speed. One crewman was wounded by an enemy round which penetrated the gun tub plating. Fire was suppressed and the wounded man was transferred to the USS Carronade IFS 1 for transfer to Qui Nhon. Enemy casualties were unknown.

Re: SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66

Sailor rest your oar, enjoyed serving with you.

Re: SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66

I remember Tom Tucker. Sailor, Rest your Oars.

Re: SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66

I was aboard during that time but I can’t place him. Isn’t that a sign of aging?
Any memory jogging hint’s???


Re: SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66

I posted a clearer picture above.

I recall that he had served on a Boston-based icebreaker or equivalent that made a few trips to McMurdo Sound.

He was quiet like me, so you might not have noticed him. Nice guy for sure.

Re: SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66

Shipmate Rest Your Oar
Even though I left the Robin in 64 it still saddens me to hear of a Brothers passing.

Re: SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66

Our SHIPMATE "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) was laid to rest and his remains were cremated. The family held gathering at his home in Pottstown, PA and I was able to attend and pay OUR RESPECTS to his family and gathered neighbors and friends.

His brother-in-law Doug, also a boat sailor was able to provide further info on his actions following his transfer from Sea Robin and his Swiftboat experiences from 66-68.

He was transferred to and FBM operating out of Charleston which I believe was the USS DANIEL WEBSTER for a period of time then moved on to USS Madison or Monroe. He was advanced to QM1(SS) by this time.

There was a tragedy to his family by the death of his wife, and due to facts that he would have to raise his three daughters, he was forced to leave the Navy, return home to Rochester, NY and support his family. I think he ended up serving 12-12 1/2 years by that time.

Ultimately he worked at length for KODAK in Rochester and one of their subsidiaries in PA where he elected to transfer to.

Everyone in attendance remarked that he LOVED his NAVY service most especially his time on the SS-407. We all should be proud of that as we had a small part in that. Too bad that we were not able to connect again.

His running mate RIC RICE Qm3(SS) was very nice send a card and an attached personal note to his family which was warmly received and very much appreciated. In addition to the family members assembled, I was put on a Skype call to his mother in Rochester and was able offer our condolences to her personally.

Sailor, rest your oar.

Re: SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66


We are reminded regularly that you are the very best choice to lead our association. I think that I can speak for eveyone when I say thank you mate. We appreciate you.

Re: SHIPMATE ON ETERNAL PATROL - Robert "Tommy" Tucker QM2(SS) 64-66

THANKS Goody. I appreciate the comment.

A visit was discussed with his daughter some time back and I just did not get around to it. As fate happens, bad events take place sometimes if you delay stuff like that.

I promised myself I would at least, visit the family. He had several close friends on the boat that would have liked to be there themselves.

Just a "FINAL SALUTE" from a Shipmate.