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Donald R. Gressman EN2(SS) 1948-51 1/6/2020
Ronald A. Karpius EN3(SS) 1960-62 3/35/2020
Mike Trombley EN2(SS) 1959-62 4/28/2020
Joseph B. Palmer ET3(SS) 1960-63 4/29/2020
George R. "Russ" Waterman LCDR 1968-70 6/11/2020
John D. "Jack" Cornell EN3(SS) 1955-59 7/15/2020
Herbert F. "Herb" Ziegler ENS 1945-45 9/10/2020
Raymond J. Cook S1/c 1944-45 - 8/28/2020
Eric T. "Skip" Clauson QM3(SS) 1963-65 10/13/2020
Gerald M. "Gerry" Negri STS2(SS) 1958-62 10/14/2020
Frank Pasquinelli LCDR - XO 1965-67 11/28/2020
Richard B. Perkins SOS3(SS) 1958-61 12/10/2020
Robert D. Stratton RANK-UNK 195?-5? 12/23/2020


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3 SEAS REUNION - 2020 LITTLE ROCK (NOV 4-7, 2020)

If you were unable to attend the 3 SEAS REUNION last year in MANITOWOC BUT would like to get information on the REUNION that will be held in LITTLE ROCK 2020, please refer to the following information.

November 4-7, 2020 in Little Rock , Arkansas
Our next joint reunion for the USS Sea Owl ,USS Sea Poacher and USS Sea Robin will be November 4-7,
2020 in Little Rock , Arkansas hosted by Merlyn and Shirley Dorrheim.

We’re using the Gatherings Plus
Company to coordinate , register and schedule all the events , meals and transportation shown in the
attached itinerary.

The basic Activity Package includes the Gathering Plus website ( ) ,Welcome
packet, Registration ,Welcome Reception Nov 4 ,Tolling of the Bells ceremony,BBQ Lunch at Whole Hog
BBQ Nov 5 , Tour of Clinton Library and USS Razorback Nov 5 ,Tour of the Old Mill ,Lunch at the
Crowne Plaza Hotel Nov 6 and the Banquet Nov 6 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Besides the basic Activity
Package of $ 269 per person , we have two other options:
1. Bill Brinkman has arranged with the USS Razorback SS 394 to schedule our own special
“ Sleep over Night “ on Thursday November 5. We will have the sub all to ourselves which means we
can show movies in the Crew Mess in the After Battery and spend more time exploring the sub. The
sub does have a regular toilet and most important “ AC and Heat”. We have sleeping available for up to 40
Attendees. We can accommodate 35 in the After Battery ( see the picture of the men and women in the
bunks on the cover ). In addition, we have the Chiefs Locker available for 5 bunks in the Forward Battery.
Note that we have a tour of the USS Razorback that November 5 morning , so you can check out where
you want to sleep later that night, The Razorback folks will supply pillows and sheets.
You should bring your own blankets ( and pillows if you wish ) or sleeping bags , change of
clothing ,medicines , personal hygiene items , flashlight , and wear closed toe shoes.
Also the Razorback folks provide a Continental breakfast on the morning of November 6 which includes
coffee, tea, juice, donuts. Our Business meeting is at 10 AM November 6 , so the sleepover folks have time
to get back to the Crowne Plaza Hotel after the continental breakfast on the sub. The cost of this Optional
Sleepover is $ 40. ( Make out checks to USS Seapoacher ). Just in case, Bill is taking your verbal
reservations ( 512-255-0285 or seapoacher ) in case we get more than 40 folks signing up.
We have 5 signed up so far including 3 Movie Petty Officer Electrician Mates !!
( Bill Brinkman , Hubert Jackson , Chuck Killgore, Joe Palmer & Jordan Darrah )

GATHERINGS PLUS If a CODE is requested, use sea2020

The GATHERINGS PLUS page has several links to download the forms for ITINERARY & REGISTRATION, etc

As always, if you need further assistance PLEASE CONTACT ME and I'll help as required.