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McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association

 The purpose of the Registry (est. 1993) and the Association (est. 1995) is to preserve the McCurdy horse historic bloodline as a distinct breed, promote their use & enjoyment, and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the McCurdy Horse as a treasured legacy of the Old South.  

McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association
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Favorite cold/wet riding gear?

Okay, ladies from the great northwest (and anywhere else), tell me your favorite riding gear that keeps the wet cold out?! We ride during the winter at field trials and I'm getting better about what to wear but would like to know... what do you never go riding without?

I'm needing some more boots and have been looking at Muck's Brit model? I LOVE My regular muck boots and noticed they have a riding model. A woman at the field trial this past weekend suggested Mountain Horse riding boots.... said they keep her very warm and dry.

I also want to get riding pants instead of wearing jeans.

So... what's your favorites?

Re: Favorite cold/wet riding gear?

I LOVE my Carrhart jacket, it's truly waterproof and lightweight/flexible, you don't get that "crunchy" feeling that you do from the oilskin coats, it has huge pockets for gloves/cellphone/camera, big snaps that are easy to work when your fingers are cold, and is roomy enough to layer when it gets colder out. I have several pair of winter tights, which are WONDERFUL! They keep your legs warm even if you're soaking, and feel like comfy fleece sweats. Shhhhh, we even converted June!!!!! My favorite brands are Irideon and Kerrits. Boink tights are great too, they have varying levels of windproof/waterproof, best to just bite the bullet and get the really good ones, you'll be glad you did and NEVER go back to jeans for cold/wet riding again! Check out,, and lots and lots of vendors at that sell stuff for people who spend all day in the saddle in all sorts of crazy weather conditions. There's some really cool ear muffs too!
I ride in Carrhart boots, not terribly attractive, but rugged and wide enough for my feet. I've heard great things about the Mountain horse boots too. I have Muck boots that I use for around the farm, but don't like to ride in them for some reason.

Re: Favorite cold/wet riding gear?

whoops, got a link wrong:

my favorite:

Re: Favorite cold/wet riding gear?

Pixie, this weekend Brenda FINALLY got me out of my jeans and into my very soft, warm, comfortable Irideon riding tights. I LOVE them!! (It only took me some 12 months of being badgered by Brenda, et al to wear them!) sigh.....
Also, I just got a new Carhardtt breathable, waterproof jacket that has a hood.
I got it on line at It wasn't cheap, but it is soft, warm, but not too warm, light weight, and good looking. Elayne is wearing her new one just like mine in the newest photos of Hooch on the Trail riding page.

Also, I have a waterproof pair of Ariat ankle high lace up light boots that I ride the winter in. They also have half chaps that are good also.

Out here in the Northwest, we have to be prepared for tough weather...groan...or we are captive in the indoors! I also have a pair of lightweight rainproof chaps, which I haven't pulled out yet this's coming soon, however, if the weather continues as it is today!

Re: Favorite cold/wet riding gear?

OOOPS!!! Guess I spelled Carrhart wrong!


Re: Favorite cold/wet riding gear?

THANKS, Brenda and June!!!

I love that Carhartt jacket... gonna get me one of those. Love the other ideas and websites, too.

I'm giggling @ June and her pants. I ordered me some Kerrit riding pants over a year ago and love them but they are summer material and I should have gotten full seat because they're a bit too slick in the saddle. Now I want pants like that for winter!!! I'll check out the brands you all mentioned I found another site, too, that I'm thinking of trying. Here's the site: