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McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association

 The purpose of the Registry (est. 1993) and the Association (est. 1995) is to preserve the McCurdy horse historic bloodline as a distinct breed, promote their use & enjoyment, and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the McCurdy Horse as a treasured legacy of the Old South.  

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Tennessee Walkers

If I come to the spring ride can someone teach me how to ride one of these horses?

Re: Tennessee Walkers

Someone needs to teach you how to ride one, I've seen you ride and it is not pretty....

Re: Tennessee Walkers

I heard you like to cowboy to much I need someone who can teach a beginner.

Re: Tennessee Walkers

Hi Scott,

I'm glad Matt answered you before I did because I was about to start typing that not all McCurdy horses are Tennessee Walkers (I've seen that misnomer more than once on the internet) and then ask if you had ever ridden a gaited horse... or any horse, for that matter, and encourage you to come try a McCurdy. LOL!

I hope to get to the trailride either this spring or fall of '09. I've never attended and it is about time!!!

Re: Tennessee Walkers

There is a difference between them, we tend to feel Mccurdy's are just better all-around horses.We are biased though.The trail rides are alot of fun as long as you don't get stuck talking to Matt. LOL

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