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McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association

 The purpose of the Registry (est. 1993) and the Association (est. 1995) is to preserve the McCurdy horse historic bloodline as a distinct breed, promote their use & enjoyment, and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the McCurdy Horse as a treasured legacy of the Old South.  

McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association
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How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

I thought it would be fun to tell how we got involved with these wonderful horses. How did you know or find about them and maybe tell about your first McCurdy?

I'll tell mine later today. I'm getting ready to go to my weekly lesson with my 5 year old McCurdy gelding, Rebel.

I hope more association members will chime in... this would be a neat way for us to get to know and support one another!

Thanks, again, Paula and Matt for this board.

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Let's see, I got into gaited horses (TWH) about 5 years ago, and love to do research, watch videos, attend clinics, etc. Somehow I stumbled across June Snook's website and thought, WOW, those are some lovely horses, but they were spendier than the equivalent walkers, so I never did make it out to her place--bought TWH, and continued with giving lessons, offering some training, etc. Last year another trainer got in a car wreck, injured badly and said she wanted to bring me a 2 yr old filly to start under saddle and to sell for her. So she unloads this gorgeous blue roan filly, and turns out she's a McCurdy from June's! As soon as I started working with her, I knew she had to be mine! Then I contacted June, we started riding together, then I got her to come to some endurance rides, and we're having a great time! I just picked up my NEW FILLY (yearling) from June's yesterday, so now I have two lovely girls here.

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Historicall I am an American Quarter Horse (AQH) person, but I have friends that have musculoskeletal issues and simply can not tolerate a non-gaited ride. In my persuite to help my friend find a suitable even-minded mount I discovered many breeds of gait are whimpy in comparison to AQH confirmation. Then I found Destiny Hills Ranch in Athens, Texas. Now there are some gaited creaters with umph! Sadly, my friend did not purchase a mount from Destiny Hills Ranch. But my next birthday my husband and father-in-law saw fit to purchase two, Carmen Diego McCurdy and Chablis Cates McCurdy. They are more than mounts, they are my friends. I am very blessed and very adicted to my McCurdys. I strongly encourage anyone to find their nearest breeder and see for yourself.

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Glenna, I saw a gorgeous, impressive photo of Chablis in harness. She is quite the filly! You need to put a photo of her on this message board! You need to share your fillies with us!

How did I get into McCurdys? Well, it's all my husband, Bear's fault! We are field trialers and take the American Field Magazine. We saw the advertisement for McCurdys and saw some photos of them. They seemed to fit everything we wanted in a field trial horse! Bear told me to get on the computer and research all that I could find about them!

That's all that it took to get us totally involved in breeding this wonderful horse and introducing them to the Northwest! Colleen Cates of Destiny Hills Ranch, along with Tammy Mason, and Roy Rogers have been so very helpful. Colleen has become a mentor and dear friend. Most all of our stock has come from Colleen. We even were able to go back to Bowling Green, KY and find a grade mare that was half McCurdy and out of a son of PusherCG. She was in a flat shod walking horse sale! I trained her to saddle and eventually got her foundation registered. She now is one of our wonderful broodmares, and also the dam of Brenda's McCurdy's Mischief Maker!!

The McCurdys have introduced us to so many wonderful friends! McCurdy owners are special!!!

Let's hear from more of you about your horses. The McCurdys are becoming well known now in the endurance world.


Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Well back when my brother Matt was still competing on the rodeo circuit Yea right. I bought one for my first wife (she left, the horse didn't) just good luck I guess I still ain't sure which one has took me for the better ride. The horse is cheaper to maintain though.

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Whooooo! Love to see the posts!

Hi, Glenna, I saw those beautiful pics, too. Good to "meet" you.

Okay, my turn. Gotta get my thoughts together and I'll post some pics, too. I don't know 'bout y'all but I love SEEING these horses, as well. Like June mentioned, hope you all will post pictures of your horses. [hint, hint]

Be back shortly....

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Similar to June’s experience, I got interested in McCurdy horses thanks to Colleen Cates and her big write-up in the 1999 December issue of American Field. She had a really cool article published telling all about these wonderful horses. It was perfect timing because I had been wanting a mare and was looking at different breeds. We had two TWH geldings at the time but I was keeping an open mind and having fun researching.

One night my husband, Jim, handed me that article and said I should read it. I was intrigued and kept these horses in mind. I didn’t get serious about buying until the fall of 2000 . I had found the association website and was looking closer at the horses listed for sale and fell in love with a 4 yr. old redheaded mare named Rose. I called her owner, Grey Till, and asked a ton of questions. Jim and I decided to drive to Birmingham to see Rose and we rode that day with Grey. We knew we wanted her before we got there but I wanted to at least pretend to be a responsible buyer and check her out first... lol. We enjoyed talking to Grey about McCurdy horses and we loaded her up and brought her back to Ky. in October of 2000. I bred her in the spring of 2001 and she blessed me with a wonderful colt named Bud. He’s 6 years old now and my main field trial horse. Rose has blessed me with 4 foals in all and I’ve had so much fun learning to raise babies.

I wanted to share these neat pics of Rose taken in October of 2006. A woman I knew from another horse message board was in town for a clinic and wanted to meet up in person. I decided to do something that might be a bit stupid. I pulled Rose out of her pasture with her foal after not riding her in nearly A YEAR and jumped on her bareback not knowing how she’d react to her foal running around loose and with no warm-up time for her and me. But I figured I wasn’t trying to sell this woman a horse, so I thought if I fell off, no biggie... rofl.

Well, I said a prayer and jumped on... and here’s the pictures my horse friend took that day of us riding around our yard. I cherish these pictures. That’s Rose’s 2006 bay roan colt, Gabe. He’s a two year old gelding in training now... wow, time really flies. OH, and since I wasn’t planning on riding, I HAD ON CLOGS!!! Hahahaha! I hope this shows how smooth these horses are... my clogs stayed on just fine and Rose took perfect care of me:





Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

I also wanted to add to what June said about the wonderful people of this association. Along with Rose's owner, Grey, in the beginning... Colleen Cates, Tammy Mason, and June Snook have answered NUMEROUS questions through the years. I only bought my first horse the same year we bought Rose (2000), so I still consider myself very *green* when it comes to horsemanship. I feel just as blessed by the people along with these horses!!!

And many others I'm getting to know have been just as helpful. Thanks so much!!!!

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Pixie, what fabulous pictures!!!!

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Colleen is a GREAT mentor! When I called her to set up an appointment to meet the McCurdy's it was all professional. She is my kind of person! She received several other phone calls from me asking if I could bring another person, then another, and another. She graced us all with a through McCurdy education before introducing us to Cajun, several mares and Carmen, who was at her mothers side. Brand new :O)

Okay, I read the posting on how to post pictures, so I am going to give it a try. I will apologize in advance just-in-case I fumbled it up. These are pics from Carmen and Chablis' first drive:

If it worked, this is Ms. Carmen Diego McCurdy. She did not get the verbal driving commands while under saddle, as Ms. Chablis Cates McCurdy did, and consequently did not do as well. Mr. Phillip (at the reins) now understand why I was talking to Chablis so much while in saddle. Chablis took to harness and pulling so well that tenured wagoneers commented that she acted like she had done it all of her life! Here is Ms. Chablis:

You may not be able to tell in this photo, but she is going down hill a bit and looking at her hips/rear you can she is already "holding" the cart back. Most equine want to trot or run under the pressure/weight of the cart/wagon. Chablis has already figured it out. I'm so proud of her.

We always start newbies out on a two-wheeled cart, for many reason. First and foremost, it is easier to repair the cart than a Victorian or other carriage. Second, it is not as "friendly" to the equine as a four-wheeled vehicle would be. With only two wheels the equine must learn to side pass to turn around, four wheels follow the equine and make life a lot easier on them. After learning with a cart, they will be much more relaxed with a carriage/wagon because it is so much easier. You should see pictures of her pulling our Victorian with my father-in-law at the reins. This is our major reason to teach them to drive, because it is his dream. She has not pulled it as of yet, but she will before the end of this year :O) I personally believe it makes them a better mount, but that is my opinion.

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Okay, I think I have the pictures figured out. Here they are in mentioned order:

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Nov 08 043

Nov 08 026

Again, many apologies IF this does not work.


Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Okay, THIS is the picture of Chablis holding the cart back (I'm getting the hang of this picture stuff :O).

Nov 08 025

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Glenna, I love those pictures. I've never done that but can definitely see the benefit. I have talked to my instructor/trainer about learning to do this, so maybe I'll be able to talk about it sometime. I don't have a cart or anything and need to see if he does. He's only shown me line driving walking behind them.

Keep us posted on their progress. I look forward to pics with the pretty carriage you were talking about!!!

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

Pixie, I just LOVE those photos of you riding Rose bareback with her lovely foal at her...and Your....side! It is a real testimony to the McCurdy's temperament when you can just jump on their back and take off across the pasture with confidence. just beautiful and special I hope you have enlarged prints made of these photos and hung up in your living room!!!

I remember when Colleen came out from Texas to Oregon to help me make a promotional video of our stallion, Tradition and his yearlings and foals from that year. Colleen just jumped bareback on our two McCurdy mares, with the 3 week old foals at their side, and I immediately started videoing her. It was SO special. Those mares hadn't been ridden in over 2 years!! Colleen looked awesome as well as the mares and foals! Special Special memories!!! And a special video to treasure.

Re: How did you get involved with McCurdy horses?

I guess I will chime in as well. I was looking for a calm, naturally gaited horse that was capable of working cattle and being a good safe trail mount for someone with a really bad back as I had back surgery about 9 years ago and could no longer ride trotting breeds. As my brother Scott mentioned he purchased a McCurdy mare(Wendi La Storm on my website) by accident for his former wife and she was a very naturally gaited, calm riding horse. We had never heard of McCurdys prior to this mare so we started researching by going on the internet and reading what we could find. We found the McCurdy website and got familiar with the breeders and I went to visit a few...I soon bought a McCurdy mare named McCurdys Miss Blue(we call her Abby). Soon thereafter I bought 2 more mares(one of them is Ulrich's Lucky Star on my website)and 7 years later I have 20 of them with 12 broodmares and 2 stallions, I guess you could say these McCurdys can be addictive.....