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McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association

 The purpose of the Registry (est. 1993) and the Association (est. 1995) is to preserve the McCurdy horse historic bloodline as a distinct breed, promote their use & enjoyment, and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the McCurdy Horse as a treasured legacy of the Old South.  

McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association
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McCurdy Bloodlines

Hi everyone,

When I was researching breeds I did a lot of internet reading and found lots of info on different breeds' bloodlines (TWH's and the "mountain horse" breeds) but there isn't a lot out there on the McCurdy breed (except what is on the website history). I'd love it if those of you who know the history more would share about different bloodlines.

Here are some of the horses in my herd's background:

Roy's Doc McCurdy
Miller's Traveler
Till's Lady McCurdy
Go Boy McCurdy
McCurdy's May Day
Pouncey's Midnight Chase
Pouncey's Meriwether
Pouncy's Cinnamon
McCurdy's Iron Little Man

I'm starting a discussion I may not get back to until next week. We are hosting a field trial this weekend at Fort Campbell and I'm so happy I get to go (wasn't sure with my surgery but I'm healing very fast... only gonna ride with the dog wagon, though... no horseback riding for a couple of weeks... [pout] ) So I'm busy getting ready for the trial and may not get to come back to this until first of the week.

I'd love to learn more about the background of these horses!!!

Re: McCurdy Bloodlines

Pixie, I'm hoping soon that we will be able to get all that information on bloodlines on the mccurdyhorses website! That would be SO informative!!
Hugs, June

Re: McCurdy Bloodlines

June and Pixie, I can assure you both that we are working toward have all that information available on the website, it is just taking some time getting it lined up.

Re: McCurdy Bloodlines

That sounds really GREAT, Matt. If you need help with management of the pedigrees, just let me know.


Re: McCurdy Bloodlines

I have heard so many different stories of breeds that make up the foundation of the Mcurdy. Such as Standardbred, quarter horse mountain horse. I have a friend that has acquired one. He is amazing. Set is straight would you please. Thanks have a great day. Jeannie