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McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association

 The purpose of the Registry (est. 1993) and the Association (est. 1995) is to preserve the McCurdy horse historic bloodline as a distinct breed, promote their use & enjoyment, and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the McCurdy Horse as a treasured legacy of the Old South.  

McCurdy Plantation Horse Registry and Association
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McCurdy vs. Tennesse Walker???

What is the difference between a McCurdy and a TWH? I currently have 5 TW and know all about them. Recently I have had a new found friend pretty much offer to give me a McCurdy horse and I don't know much about them. I have heard that they are just like the TWH just originated in that correct?? What is the difference in their gait? I would just like to get a little more info on them before I take him. He is a Palomino and White spotted stud and I think he would make a great ride and an awesome breeding prospect. I was thinking of crossing the TWH and McCurdy horse since I have 4 mares and I think he would throw beautiful color!

Helen Martin, SC

Re: McCurdy vs. Tennesse Walker???

If you would contact me at 251-942-8555 I would be glad to answer your questions. Very long subject to answer on a keyboard...