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Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier Forum

This forum is designed and provided to give various information pertaining to the sport, history, breeding, and the lively hood of the American Pit Bull Terrier. In the manner to which this forum was originally designed for the love and gameness of the sport; the heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Feel free to post any questions, comments, or debates here. Yet, remember you are on the world wide web so please keep it clean. Now for the legal Mumbo Jumbo...This board in no way supports any illegal activity in consideration to the 1976 Animal Welfare act. We have had visitors since the new opening of this forum on 12/07/01. Thanks for making it work for everyone.

Forum: Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier Forum
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selling out very game dogs

i am very sorry to tell you that my dogs i cant keep them any more but i hope in time they will fined a place in my life and hart like they did me ALL THESE DOGS ARE WORTH THEIR TIME AND LIFE ON THE CHAIN hi my name and big mike i have kept some of the gamest well breed dogs around you my that meet me or seen in at the shows adba know i dopnt sell dogs so do your be dogs you will almost not fined. but they throw and do very very well for them self in the yard arethe very best you can fined .these are the dogs i have to sell i dont have many picture up but up of them and you will see that is it for my tonka and bolio blood not to eli bolld and i got her brother to. and i got dog from sonnyboy bred to spook she was solding from me but i did do ba breeing to her litter mate brother **** please if u want the dogs just email me at and guy please email and dont post up **** and liers thanks you

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