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Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier Forum

This forum is designed and provided to give various information pertaining to the sport, history, breeding, and the lively hood of the American Pit Bull Terrier. In the manner to which this forum was originally designed for the love and gameness of the sport; the heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Feel free to post any questions, comments, or debates here. Yet, remember you are on the world wide web so please keep it clean. Now for the legal Mumbo Jumbo...This board in no way supports any illegal activity in consideration to the 1976 Animal Welfare act. We have had visitors since the new opening of this forum on 12/07/01. Thanks for making it work for everyone.

Forum: Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier Forum
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i have a male and female i have to let go cause i am moving and i am to old to take care of them it really brake my heart. now to all the dogmen and dogladys i have meet in the box now is your change to own that littler kemmer ***** that won best in show for timein a roll and her brother that beat bat city bonehead in 17 mins they said he chould not be stoped
you are not going to fined a better dog then this they are not chep so get then why you can this dog that can bite like a gator people that saw them in go said he can bite harder then chinaman taking nothing fron him blackblood he is a 11xw otc and nothing pass 12 mins.can stay with him get him you ill never be sorry he thows him self back now he is a very fight crfazey dog so please be care full. and is sister is nothing to paly with. i bring a dog and you will see that i an taking pleae if you dont have the mony please dont wate my time. my dogs are for real that are not to be crated i also have vitor whitsell's strage brew bred to anna 2 please if you dont have the money dont wate my time thank you and god bless
i still haVE MY HELL BEND BRED TO FOR SALE ALL DOGS GO FOR 1000-1500 PLEASE EMAIL ME p?name=Public&file=printPedigree&dog_id=299136

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