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This forum is designed and provided to give various information pertaining to the sport, history, breeding, and the lively hood of the American Pit Bull Terrier. In the manner to which this forum was originally designed for the love and gameness of the sport; the heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Feel free to post any questions, comments, or debates here. Yet, remember you are on the world wide web so please keep it clean. Now for the legal Mumbo Jumbo...This board in no way supports any illegal activity in consideration to the 1976 Animal Welfare act. We have had visitors since the new opening of this forum on 12/07/01. Thanks for making it work for everyone.

Forum: Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier Forum
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Thank You + Important Information

I want to thank all of you who put together yet another great show on March 7th. I of course was unable to be there due to the VSBA Softball team playing in it's 1st tournament of 2009. I have said it over and over again this club has the best supporters any club could ask for. This is the main reason this club has excelled like none other. I will not list names this month but honestly I could not thank you all enough. I want to send a special thank you to our judges Shaunte Smith of GGK (weight pull) Leanne Freeman of SRK (show) and Zack Claiborne of BCK (Bully). I had positive feedback on all of you and look forward to having you all back in the future!

Speaking of the future the next 2 shows will be held on the 1st Sunday of the month instead of Saturday. I know we have a few members who have requested for us to do this from time to time due to having to work on Saturdays so this will help them as well as make dealing with softball/baseball games easier for all of our members who have kids playing this Spring. I ask all of you to help spread the word about this. Please don’t assume that people already know. If you talk to someone who could possibly attend mention the change to them just to be safe.

I also need to here from all of you concerning our July show. This year it falls on the 4th. I know many of you travel and have plans for this Holiday. Due to this I will consider all options. The first would be to go ahead with the show on the 4th as planned. We could possibly have everyone bring a firework or 2 and put on a display after the show. We did this at our 2 day show and everyone really liked it. Next we could move this show to Sunday as we are doing April, May and June shows. The problem with this is people will probably be just returning if they traveled and just winding down from the Holiday and not feel like getting the dogs prepared for a show. Then the last option is to move the show to the following Saturday the 11th. I will listed to all feedback over the next month or so. If need be I will have all of our members vote and come to a decision that way.

Now that the weather is going to start getting better I have a couple of ideas I want to try. I am sure how you have all noticed all of the people who set up in high traffic areas such as Wal-Mart selling puppies. Seems there is always a crowd around them. I am looking to hire a couple of people from TN and surrounding states who will set up with a sign and pass out VSBA brochures. The sign would say something that would catch attention such as “FREE PITBULL info” It would also be great if the person could have one of their best behaved dogs with them. This is a pretty simple plan that I believe would pay off greatly in terms of gaining more support for the club. I will pay an hourly wage to the persons chosen to do this in show credit. So, if you make $50 doing this you will have a $50 credit to use at a show of your choice. If this is something that interests you please contact me as soon as possible only certain people will be considered for this job. So contact me by e-mail to see if you meet the requirements.

With the announcements out of the way it is time to prepare for our next show on Sunday April 5th! This is going to be another “Member Appreciation Show” All of our members will be able to register at a discounted price. Members will also receive a discounted price on any dog ID’s purchased at this show. If you are not already a member do so now so you can receive these benefits. We’re looking forward to having another great April show. April has been one of our best months in terms of attendance we expect the same thing again this year. I also have a couple of special things I am going to add to the free raffle that you will not want to miss out on. Get your dogs ready and mark your calendars for Sunday April 5th!

See you all there!


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