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Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier Forum

This forum is designed and provided to give various information pertaining to the sport, history, breeding, and the lively hood of the American Pit Bull Terrier. In the manner to which this forum was originally designed for the love and gameness of the sport; the heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Feel free to post any questions, comments, or debates here. Yet, remember you are on the world wide web so please keep it clean. Now for the legal Mumbo Jumbo...This board in no way supports any illegal activity in consideration to the 1976 Animal Welfare act. We have had visitors since the new opening of this forum on 12/07/01. Thanks for making it work for everyone.

Forum: Heart of the American Pit Bull Terrier Forum
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Want a place to meet new friends & discuss the responsible ownership of bulldogs, without being attacked, bullied or stalked by those out there who think they know it all?

If this sounds like your kinda place, check out my chatroom, and experience Bulldog chat...without the bull****!

*Any talk of dog fighting, or the posting of any pictures related to dogfighting is strickly prohibited. Although there still are pockets of renegade retards out there who insist on discussing illegal activities on the internet, it will not be tolerated in THIS chat.

All bloodlines welcome, even blue. If you don't like it, lump it.


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