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Lost Destinations is all about exploring the abandoned and unknown, where we often we discover cryptic messages spray-painted, scratched, or scrawled. The lost & lonely images featured here all seemed to have a message... the meanings are left for your interpretation. Let them speak for you. Lost Cards... when you care enough to tell 'em to get Lost! *wink*

You can customize your card step by step- choose the pic and the background image/color, add a message, music, and even special effects! Once it is finished, you can preview it and decide if it needs any changes. When you're happy with it, hit SEND and your friend will receive notification by e-mail that there is a card waiting to be picked up... easy as pie! Mmm... pie.

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Select the image for your Greeting Card from the scrollbox at right and preview your image below.
Click the image to select it for your card.


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